Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

These are the control and verification actions carried out at predetermined intervals, according to prescribed criteria. Preventive Maintenance is designed to reduce the failure probability or an item’s function degradation, increasing reliability, and keeping the equipment in proper condition. It reduces possible corrective maintenance costs and reduces equipment unavailability.

You’ll receive the Preventive Maintenance Digital Report by email and directly access the metrology management software, Milord Net, integrated with the calibration. Only the Medição’s Preventive Maintenance Digital Report can be made available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. With an exclusive digital signature that guarantees the document’s trust and integrity, in addition to reducing printing costs and preserving the environment.

When critical failure is avoided, we are also protecting worker safety.

– Reduces the risk of accidents
– Increases equipment reliability
– Slows equipment’s aging or degeneration
– Maintains good performanceManutenção Preventiva Medição– Reduces the risk of unexpected breakages and downtime
– Extends equipment’s life
– Improves activities time control
– Reduces unscheduled maintenance caused by breakages
– Avoids unscheduled spending

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