About the Medição Franchise

Why be a Medição Franchisee?


Companies calibrate their instruments to perform measurements with confidence, resulting in quality work, savings through reduced losses, and increased productivity. Companies that have some certification, comply with legislation (Government) or standards in the areas of quality (ISO 9000), environmental (ISO 14000), among others, need to calibrate their measuring instruments. Hence the great demand for calibrations and ancillary services such as software, maintenance, training, thermal qualification, advice, etc.

The quality of service and the training of the team are our differentials. The entire physical structure, facilities, materials, systems, and human resources are improved continuously to meet customers’ needs.

What are the advantages of being a Medição franchisee?

  • Full support – Assistance in setting up the franchise, promoting the unit, and training the team.
  • Credibility – A company with a large presence in the market.
  • Operation manuals – Main activities standardized in manuals and procedures.
  • Training – Training in the franchise implementation and according to demand.
  • Proprietary software – Provision of software for managing processes and customers.
  • Marketing – Development of advertising campaigns for the business.
  • Commercial Address – Ease of finding the place at a low cost


The minimum estimated value for the initial investment necessary for the acquisition, implementation, and entry into operation of a franchised MEDIÇÃO unit covers the entire assembly with furniture, equipment, and support material.

Investment in a Medição Franchise - in Brazil: 149,000

FRANCHISE RATE: 40,000 to 50,000
WORKING CAPITAL: 15,000 to 40,000
TOTAL INVESTMENT: 149,000 to 325,000


The system is based on the licensing of the right to use the trademark associated with using a standardized work methodology, which contains specifications for the installation, assembly, administration, and operation of a franchised unit, aiming at the sale of integrated solutions.

  • Assistance in choosing and defining the commercial address and architectural design;
  • Initial training and recycling in the technical, operational, commercial, and administrative areas;
  • Continuous assistance in the operation and administration of the franchised unit;
  • Technical assistance in the acquisition of equipment;
  • Support for implementing the Management System and Certifications;
  • Strategic marketing consultancy and press consultancy;
  • Development of publicity and communication material;
  • Provision of technical and management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the value of the total investment, and what does it include?

The estimated amount of R$149,000.00 includes the franchise fee, assembly, equipment, and working capital.

Estimated monthly net profit of 18 to 25%.

The billing forecast is R$50,00 to R$120,000.

Royalties 10.62% of gross revenue, plus a fixed amount.