Privacy Policy

Medição Soluções Metrológicas Integradas presents this website to provide information about our company, our services, certifications, and especially about our laboratories.
We value the privacy and protection of the personal data of our customers and prospects. For this reason, we have made this privacy policy available, explaining in a transparent way how visitors’ data will be used on our website and related pages.
If you do not agree with this Policy, you should not use this site.

What data do we use?

Personal data refers to any information relating to a person that can be used for identification, either individually or from an analysis involving various information types. Common examples of personal data are identification information used daily, such as name, Individual Taxpayer’s ID (CPF), ID (RG), photographs, address, among others, and even internet usage data and digital records allowing the identification of an individual, such as IP address, source logic gate, information regarding the settings of the equipment used to access the network, etc. The treatment of your personal data in our website’s environment varies according to each user’s use. Below, we provide a brief table illustrating the data processing activities involved in the Medição website:

ActivityPurposeCollected DataLegal Base
“Contact” TabResponse to any message sent by the user through this website toolName, Phone Number, Email, CompanyConsent
Aba “Trabalhe Conosco”Coleta de currículos para trabalhar na MediçãoNome, Telefone, E-mail, currículo profissionalSeleção de candidatos e/ou Contrato de trabalho
Aba “Seja um Franqueado”Contato para se tornar um franqueado MediçãoNome, Telefone, E-mail, Cidade, EstadoSeleção de candidatos e/ou Contrato de franquia
“Newsletter” MediçãoEnvio de conteúdo pertinente às áreas de atuação da MediçãoNome, E-mail e Empresa em que trabalhaConsent
Comunicação e Marketing da MediçãoEnvio de conteúdo pertinente às áreas de atuação da MediçãoNome; E-mail; Telefone; Cargo/Setor; Data de Aniversário; Nome da Empresa em que trabalha; LocalidadeLegítimo Interesse
Pesquisa de Atendimento/ SatisfaçãoPreencher questionário de pesquisaNome, E-mail e Empresa em que trabalha, Telefone,Consent

Cookies and Tags

“Cookies” are identifiers transferred to the browser or device, informing the site administrator how and when its pages and features are visited, including how many people have accessed it and from which device they have accessed it.

“Tag” is a generic name for code snippets that allow data collection from website users, enabling the implementation of features such as videos and images, including the use of cookies.

When a visitor browses the website, cookies are inserted in the browser, performing the automatic collection of specific personal data to enable:

  1. The website’s operationalization (strictly necessary cookies);
  2. Cookies relating to the website’s performance and functionality;
  3. Obtaining aggregated information about visitors;
  4. Operation of third-party cookies used for advertising.

The visitor can choose to disable the use of cookies through the browser settings or install a plugin that performs this functionality, however, at the risk of certain parts of the site not working correctly.

Internal and third-party sharing

The Medição Group is composed of several companies and franchises that make up the network of Medição Laboratories. Personal data information is shared with the group companies, always following the confidentiality terms and observing the General Data Protection Regulation obligations.

Medição has partners in several areas with which it will be able to share data collected through its website, mainly to assist with its operation. Thus, Medição reserves the right to share visitors’ personal data with the supplier companies indicated below, always observing all General Data Protection Regulation obligations to safeguard the holders’ rights.
Medição does not sell personal data collected through its website.

Parceiros: Os dados coletados pelo site da Medição podem ser compartilhados com os seguintes parceiros e para as seguintes finalidades:

ParceirosDescrição do Serviço
Google Analytics (  Obter informações estatísticas sobre o uso e conversão do nosso site.
DoubleClick (Empresa da Google) ( informações sobre o browser do visitante para saber se suporta a utilização de cookies;
RD Station ( para guardar a lista de todas as páginas que um visitante acessou dentro do mesmo domínio de forma a obter informações estatísticas sobre o uso e conversão de nosso website.
Facebook ( informações estatísticas sobre o uso e conversão do nosso site.

These partners are contractually obliged to restrict the treatment of the personal data shared by Medição only for the purposes described above. Therefore, they must not use the visitors’ personal data for any other purpose.
Compliance with legal obligation: Due to a legal obligation or court order, Medição may be requested to share personal data.

Holder’s Consent and Rights

Medição carries out various processing operations on its website in which the consent of the data holder is used to process personal data such as name, telephone, and email. In this case, we highlight operations such as communication through the “Talk to Us” and “Franchising” tabs.
The visitor may choose not to share his/her data with Medição at any time and request an end to the processing of his/her personal data as well.
Some data, however, are essential for the provision of certain services, such as the Contact Channel. Regardless, the visitor retains his/her rights regarding privacy and the protection of his/her personal data.
Suppose the visitor intends to request assistance to any of his/her rights provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation. In that case, it may be necessary to provide the Medição with some data to verify his/her identity, speed up the response to his/her request, and/or guarantee the procedure's security.
The purpose of this data processing activity is to ascertain whether the data of the requesting person match those of the user to whom the information request or data exclusion relates. It is performed to prevent third parties from gaining access to the personal data of users of our site and prevent the autonomy of these unauthorized third parties from data processing activities that do not concern them.
Most requests must be answered within 30 days. In extraordinarily complex or numerous cases, it can take up to 60 days. In this case, the visitor will be notified and kept up to date on the request’s progress.
If there is any question, the visitor can contact us through the email, according to the guidelines of our information page about LGPD here.

Storage Time

The personal data collected by the Medição website will be stored only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, including for compliance with legal, judicial, contractual, accountability, or requisition obligations by competent authorities.
All collected data will be excluded from the relative servers when they are no longer needed or relevant to the provision of services, except in case of any reason for their maintenance, such as the legal obligation to retain data or the need to preserve them for protecting Medição rights.
To determine the appropriate storage period for personal data, we take into account personal data’s amount, nature, and sensitivity, the potential risk of damage from unauthorized use or the disclosure of your data, the purpose of their processing, and whether we can achieve such purposes through other means, and the applicable legal requirements.

Information Security

Medição adopts all technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the website visitors’ personal data against loss, unauthorized access, or other incidents. The data is stored in a secure environment that is not accessible to the public.

Medição strives to protect the visitors’ privacy and ensure the protection of their data. Unauthorized use of accounts, hardware and software failures, or other factors can compromise the security of visitors’ personal data at any time. Therefore, it is essential that the holder also takes certain security practices concerning his/her personal data, and if he/she identifies something that compromises it, contact Medição by email .

International Transfer

Medição does not directly transfer any personal data collected by its website to other countries. However, the aforementioned third-party services may transfer data to the United States or other countries where the suppliers have operations. We use third-party services that strive to adopt adequate privacy and data protection standards. Medição is based in Brazil, and the data it collects is governed by Brazilian law. By accessing or using our services, the visitor agrees to the processing and transfer of such data to Brazil and eventually to other countries through third parties’ service. When transferred to these countries, the personal data of website visitors may be subject to local legislation and the relevant rules.


To contact Medição to resolve any questions regarding this Policy or the treatment of your personal data, please send an email to and follow the instructions on the LGPD information page here.


Medição can update this Privacy Policy to improve its services, aiming to provide the website visitor with more security, convenience and to enhance their experience even more. That is why we recommend that visitors consult this Policy periodically to be aware of the changes.

This privacy policy is effective from December 2020 and was updated on 03 de abril de 2023.