Milord Net

Our customers have online metrology management software. Milord Net is the practical and safe way to manage the calibrations and maintenance of your equipment. All instruments in one system.

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With the exclusive technology of the Digital Calibration Certificate, customers have access to all equipment certificates safely, reliably, quickly, and efficiently.
The Milord Net Software allows personalized service, with simple service monitoring, avoiding printing, and reducing paper consumption. It allows the viewing of standards certificates, managing due dates, and issuing management reports.
It is the metrological management system to save time and increase the company’s productivity.

Discover the Milord Net Functions

MSMI Digital Calibration Certificate

Much more practical and easier to manage. With the Medição’s Digital Calibration Certificate, all certificates of your equipment are stored safely and in an organized way on Milord Net, guaranteeing authenticity and integrity of the document through the exclusive digital signature.

In addition to the Digital Calibration Certificate, all MSMI services are available in digital format: Digital Preventive Maintenance Report, Digital Test Report and Digital Thermal Qualification Report.

Traceability Control

Milord Net allows the Standards Certificates’ visualization directly and straightforwardly, with an intelligent selection of the system.

Backup of calibration certificates and standards certificates

Do you need your certificates available on your computer? Just use the Certificate Backup tool in Milord Net!
Milord Net is online 24x7. For extra security, we offer a backup tool that facilitates the offline certificates’ arrangement.

Choose your language safely

The system is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. All in compliance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Law.

Access to invoices and bills

Through the release of controlled accesses in your company, with visualization of invoices and bills, facilitating management and control.

Equipment PhotosFotos dos equipamentos

It facilitates control with the publication of the equipment image by the software. Your equipment can be easily identified through a photo or image with this Milord Net 4.0 function, even on mobile devices.

Analysis and Signature of Certificates

Perform a critical analysis of the calibration certificate to demonstrate the instrument’s status through electronic or digital signature directly through the system. You no longer need to print, sign the certificate, and scan it again.

Services Monitoring

Very easy and fast to follow the steps of the services performed in the Medição Laboratories through Milord Net! From approval to completion.

Barcode and QR Code reading

Using Android devices, read the bar codes and QR Code on the MSMI Digital Calibration Label to view the equipment information. With the bar code and QR Code readings function of MSMI Digital Calibration Label, all equipment data is available in the palm of your hand. All you will need is a Smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet.

Management Reports

Manage equipment and calibration due dates through easy-to-read and interpret reports. Create your Management Reports with custom filters. Visualization through the Software or exporting to different formats.

Users Management

Manage system users in your company. Create and manage each access by usage profile. The company manager can control the access of each employee according to specific function groups.

Help Manual

Did any questions arise when using Milord Net?
Do not worry! The software is provided with a User Manual in PDF format and several video tutorials to assist you in each system's function.

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