We calibrate instruments in fields: Dimensional, Pressure, Electricity, Temperature, Hardness, Force, Mass, Torque, Volume, Optics, Chemistry, Time, and Frequency.

Calibration is the procedure by which the values presented by a piece of measuring equipment are compared with the values generated by a reference standard to certify whether the equipment fits or not its specific use. The use of non-calibrated instruments reduces the measurement accuracy and impairs the company’s final quality of the product.


Medição has a specialized team in constant training to ensure excellence in metrology and accurate results for our customers. We have over 20 years of experience and serve more than 8,000 customers in Brazil and abroad.

Calibration services can be performed at the customer’s premises or in one of our laboratories.

More benefits for customers

We have our own software for managing instruments and calibrations in a simple, fast, and low paper consumption. The customer eliminates a series of steps during the instruments’ management, optimizing the time spent in the process.

What We Do

  • Calculation of measurement uncertainties and their cumulative effects;
  • Recording of codes on equipment;
  • Issuance of Calibration Certificates with traceability
  • Availability of calibration certificates’ online copies of the standards used in the instruments’ calibration;
  • Due dates management of the calibrations performed;
  • Management together with the client through software;
  • Calibration status identification on the instruments through a label;
  • Instrument adjustments;
  • Checking the instrument status upon receipt;
  • Metrology management software available at no cost to customers;
  • Issuance of printed or digital Calibration Certificates through our management software;
  • Wide range of services in many fields of measurement;
  • Maintenance need assessment;
  • Comparison with acceptance criteria provided by the customer;
  • We also perform measurement on parts and control devices using the three-dimensional machine.
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