Medição develops proprietary and exclusive softwares for our customers. Medição customers have access to equipment and calibration data safely and conveniently with our metrology manager.

Discover the technology that will revolutionize the management of your equipment!

Milord Net is a practical and safe way to manage your equipment calibrations. It is the metrological management system to save time and increase the company’s productivity. With it, you can control the instruments’ calibration certificates, view the standards certificates, manage due dates, and much more.

Digital Calibration Certificate

Medição provides its customers with the most advanced technology for issuing Calibration Certificates. Certificates are generated and validated in digital format. Confidence for your management with much more practical equipment control. Technology ensuring safety, authenticity, and integrity.

Digital Calibration Label

Medição’s Digital Calibration Label is developed with the best technology, durability, and safety. Composed of six layers of material, it results in thin and extremely resistant labels. The labels do not fade, are non-toxic, and easy to handle, and have high adherence.

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