Data Protection

Data Protection

The Law No. 13,709/18 was approved in August 2018 to establish the rules and principles that should govern data protection in Brazil. Medição, concerned with data protection and guaranteeing its clients’ privacy rights, has sought to be as transparent as possible concerning its data processing activities.

Therefore, we have prepared this page to better guide you with some basic information about the law, your rights, and how Medição treats personal data.

Medição and the LGPD

In this sense, in all its responsibility, Medição seeks to follow the principles and rules established by the GDPR, ensuring the rights of data subjects involved in the company’s activities are fully guaranteed. To this end, it seeks to offer transparency on how it treats its data, maintains a communication channel open to all interested parties, and provides a privacy policy that describes the measures adopted in greater detail.

See the Privacy Policy of Medição Net Website.

Contact Medição

To resolve any questions regarding the protection of your data and your privacy rights, please contact us by email:

Medição will carefully receive and analyze all messages sent and respond to them as determined by the GDPR. It is important to note that not all of these requests can always be met by Medição, for instance, the impossibility to exclude data due to a legal obligation requiring us to keep them stored.

Data Privacy Committee

Medição has a Data Privacy Committee and a DPO – Data Protection Officer, who are in charge of data protection at Medição, able to deal with any issue involving data protection in the company, and can be contacted by the email .

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