In Company Courses

Medição In-Company Courses

Medição offers several options of In-Company courses. Among them are the courses of Analysis of Calibration Certificates, Applied Metrology, Care and Handling, and others. They are held in a location determined by the customer, and the programs can be adapted to the needs and specifications of each company.

Medição In-Company Courses provide benefits such as:

  • Confidentiality – In-Company Courses ensure that company information is discussed only by the internal team, preventing it from becoming known to third parties and/or competitors.
  • Integration – When taking a course only with the employees themselves, greater integration is generated between them.
  • Cost reduction – travel costs (when applicable) will be reduced, in addition to reducing travel time; for a class of 20 employees, comparing open and closed courses, the company will have a significant economy if it opts for the closed course.
  • Suitability – Bringing the course to the company can adapt it to the best times and dates of the month/year. The discussion of cases and examples from the company itself, in which the course is being held, will provide employees with a tailored class that will increase learning.
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