Digital Certificate

Calibration is the leading service of Medição Laboratory, and the calibration certificate is the way for the customer to receive our service.

Do you still receive a Paper Certificate?!

The physical document demands thousands of paper sheets a year, with a high cost in printing, envelopes, shipping, time spent with manual signatures, and the risk of damage or wear of the material. Calibration certificates issued on paper contribute to the document’s loss, make it challenging to locate, occupy space, and harm the environment due to a large amount of material, transport, and filing.

Our challenge

Medição’s challenge is to combine digital documents’ practicality with the traditional printed Calibration Certificate’s reliability. The objective is to make it completely digital, accessible, modern, and in compliance with the rules and management system.

Medição’s Digital Calibration Certificate

Through innovation, technological evolution, and environmental concern, the Digital Calibration Certificate was created exclusively for Medição customers.
The Digital Calibration Certificate uses the digital signature, enabling the electronic document’s issuance to be carried out with a guarantee of authenticity, confidentiality, and security. It works with digital signature feature, which uses encryption to validate information, legitimizing people’s identity, and replacing the traditional printed certificate with a digital document.

Certificates are automatically emailed to customers and can also be accessed through the Milord Net Software.

Another Digital Certificate’s differential is to make it possible to backup documents whenever necessary. With the Digital Calibration Certificate, the customer has access to the document at any time by digital means, eliminating the use of a physical file and freeing up space in the office. The document is viewed online and simultaneously between employees, even in different locations, generating time savings, greater management, and savings. Medição Laboratories gain in productivity, efficiency, customer loyalty, and sustainability recognition, and reduce the printing of thousands of paper sheets per year.

Choose your document language

With exclusive technology, documents can be issued in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The Calibration Certificate, the Preventive Maintenance Report, the Test Report, and the Thermal Qualification Report are available digitally in three languages. Check availability of other languages.

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